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Throughout the year, we donate 10% of our prosthetics sales to associations.

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What is it ?

  • It is a silicone prostheses entirely made by hand in France.
  • The silicone is certified as CE Class 1 with high quality and non-allergenic properties.
  • The rendering is highly realistic
  • A medical adhesive that is water-resistant is used to apply it directly to your skin, allowing it to stay on for up to 10 days.
  • During showering, sports activities, and aquatic activities, it remains in place.
  • After your stitches are removed, it can be applied quickly.
  • Life span is not limited
  • The warranty covers one year against tears and manufacturing defects


To guarantee the flawless quality of our products, we only use high-quality materials when creating our prostheses.

The silicone, dyes, medical adhesive, and solvent are all certified by CE Class 1.

The laboratory we work with has ISO 13485:2016 certification.




Three different collections for you


The nipple prostheses as you dream can be placed very FAST after your surgery unlike paramedical dermal pigmentation of the mammary areolas.
The scar must be completely healed before a tattoo can be performed.

The nipple prosthesseallows you to find a part of yourself almost instantly!


All you have to do is choose from the following three collections:


We've designed a range of colors that are similar to all skin tones to suit the needs of most women.

Choose the color that suits you best.


You can choose the CUSTOM-MADE Collection, it is the ideal solution when you have undergone a mastectomy both unilateral and bilateral.

It is ideal to take an impression before the mastectomy. However, if you haven't made it this far, know that we can give you the best advice on choosing the best-fitting prosthesis.

This is done with our breast impression bank

Because after talking to several women we had the idea to design a collection a little crazy that can match certain personalities or the time of a party.

A theme evening, a desire, this collection is undoubtedly the one where you will dare.

Will you dare?

Breast impression bank


  • To help a large number of women who are still suffering;
  • To enable us to enrich our database so that we can offer a large catalog of breast prostheses to all women wishing to regain a little of what they have lost due to this disease.


  • For women who want to contribute at their own level to a noble cause;
  • No age limit or physical condition is required;
  • For women having to undergo a mastectomy and wishing to preserve their breast impressions in order to have the choice later on whether or not to have their prostheses made;
  • For women who have undergone a unilateral mastectomy and want to reproduce their remaining nipple identically.