When to contact THE NIPPLES LAB?

You can contact us for any information before or after a mastectomy, we will be there to advise you as best as possible and thus better guide you.

Why choose nipple prostheses?

Several situations can lead you to acquire The Nipples Lab aesthetic solution.

Post-mastectomy nipple reconstruction was not possible because the skin was too damaged or the result was inconclusive.

Because the patient does not want to wait a long time, often more than a year, for the tissues to be completely healed and “tattooable”.

Because dermopigmentation was not desired or because the reconstruction of the breast areolas using the permanent makeup technique fades over the years.

Because finding this “RELIEF” side through clothing has become an essential need.

The prostheses can be used almost immediately after breast reconstruction, this is one of the main advantages of The Nipples Lab solution.

How does the nipple attach to the body?

You can attach the prostheses using the glue that will be provided to you during your first order.

You can keep them on for several days without removing them and without fear of irritation.

To remove them you will need to use the remover which is also provided to you when you purchase, so you can apply and remove them as you wish.

How long does the nipple stay attached to the skin?

After fitting the prostheses you can keep them in place for up to 10 days without problem.

How long do nipples last?

The lifespan of the nipples is not defined.

Dentures can last for years with careful handling.

If the color doesn't suit me, can I change it?

You can return them to us and choose a different shade within 30 days of receipt.

How are prostheses applied?

Wipe your chest with isopropyl alcohol to remove any fat.

Your skin must be clean, dry and free of oil before applying the prostheses.

You can apply the glue directly to the prosthesis, to the skin or to both simultaneously:

It is imperative that the skin and the prosthesis are completely dry.

Using the brush, apply the adhesive then when you have chosen the location to position the prosthesis, apply great pressure for 2 to 3 minutes to ensure perfect adhesion.

If certain edges lift, do not hesitate to reapply dots of glue.

Can I keep my prosthetics in the shower or go swimming?

You can use the prostheses without risk in the water, so you can shower, play sports and even swim without fear of losing them.

Are prostheses guaranteed?

We guarantee prostheses for 1 year against tears and manufacturing defects.
They will then be replaced free of charge.