Breast impression banks




We take a front and profile photo of your chest in order to keep it in the file. Thanks to the photos we will be able to see the color and shape in more detail.

Secondly, thanks to a formula that we design in front of you, we are able to mold your nipple.

Drying time generally does not exceed 5 minutes.

We measure the circumference of your breast areola then we fill out a form together where you will have to answer some information: age; if you have children; if you have breastfed; means of contact (email, telephone, etc.).


All this information will allow us to best target the desire of patients looking for breast areolas similar to those they had in the past or to keep yours so that you can have the choice in the near or distant future to have it done or not. prosthesis identical to those you had before.


The mold, the photos and the form that we will have completed together will be carefully preserved afterwards.